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What is Angularjs?

Angularjs is the framework on which web applications are built on. When you make use of Angularjs, your template language will be HTML, and syntax of HTML is used as an expression of your desired application. Angularjs is Currently developed , Maintained and Monitored by Google and the open- source group Angularjs Community

Why Angularjs?

When you make use of Angularjs, you don’t need to make use of the complex codes which are normally used in the building of applications. Angularjs is ideal for all kinds of server technologies which makes it the perfect partner for creating web applications.




AngularJS Training Outline

  • Introduction to AngularJS
  • What does AngularJS do for me?
  • Who controls AngularJS?
  • How can I get AngularJS?
  • Our first AngularJS application
  • A basic application
  • Using angular-seed
  • The pieces of the puzzle
    • Two-way data binding
    • Directives
  • How it fits together
    • How much of the page is an Angular application?
  • Model, View, Controller from the AngularJS Perspective
  • Single Page Applications
  • What do we mean by Single Page Application?
  • Creating Angular Modules
  • Using Angular’s Routing Service
    • Routing Basics
    • Accessing URL Data
    • Using the $location Service
  • Creating a Skeleton Single Page Application
  • Controllers
  • Where Controllers fit in, and what they do, from Angular’s perspective
  • Managing Scope
  • Setting up Behavior
  • Building a basic controller
  • A more advanced controller
  • Models
  • How to create a model
  • Explicit models
  • Implicit models
  • Views
  • Angular’s take on the View: a little bit different
  • Tying a View to a Controller
  • Tying a View to a model
  • Expressions
  • Expressions are lightweight code snippets
  • Expression capabilities
  • Limitations
  • The border between expressions and $eval
  • Filters
  • Standard filters
  • Writing your own filter
  • Tying filters together
  • Scopes
  • What are scopes?
  • What do scopes provide?
  • Scope lifecycle
  • Scopes as glue between controller and view
  • Scope hierarchies
  • Scope and events
  • Angular Forms
  • Angular forms vs HTML forms
  • Angular form controls
  • Form events
  • The form controller
  • Form validation
    liCSS classes for form data
  • Ajax, Data, and Angular
  • High level interactions with servers
  • Low-level server interactions with $http
  • The deferred/promises API
  • Making RESTful Service calls with $resource
    • Directives
    • Teaching HTML new tricks
    • Binding text and attributes
    • Directive processing lifecycle
      • DOM Processing
      • Compilation
      • Linking
    • A basic directive
    • Directives and scopes
    • Creating reusable directives
    • Turning directives into components


  • Testing in Angular
  • Unit testing
    • Working with Dependency Injection
    • Other unit testing issues
  • End-to-end testing
    • Angular’s E2E testing framework
    • Commands and expectations
    • Controlling what happens before and after the test
    • Running a scenario
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How I can practise?

Detailed installation of required software will be displayed in your LMS. Our support team will help you to setup software if you need assistance. Hardware requirements need to be fulfilled by participants

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