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Python is considered as an abnormal state programming dialect, utilized as a broadly useful programming. Python is planned such that it is anything but difficult to peruse the code. The linguistic structure is code as it is simple for a software engineer to compose a code for a specific activity in less coding. Programming should be possible on little and in addition extensive scales in light of the build utilized as a part of it. Python has highlights call dynamic compose framework and memory administration is done consequently. Python bolsters distinctive kind of arrangement of Programming in light of their highlights. It incorporates protest arranged, basic, utilitarian and procedural and has a standard library with extensive and far reaching gathering. Python translators are accessible for some working frameworks. CPython, the reference usage of Python, is open sourcesoftware and has a group based improvement show, as do about the majority of its variation executions. CPython is overseen by the non-benefit Python Software Foundation.

Who Can Learn Python

  • Software Developers
  • Professionals from ETL background
  • Big Data professionals
  • Professionals from Analytics background
  • Graduates looking for a career in Python.

Python Training Content Overview:

Core Python

Introduction to Script


  • What is SCRIPT
  • What is a program?
  • Formal and natural languages
  • Types of Scripts
  • Difference between Script & Programming Languages
  • Features of Scripting
  • Limitation of Scripting


Introduction to Python


  • What is Python?
  • kinds of programs process
  • Characteristics of Python
  • History of Python
  • Python Version
  • How to Install Python
  • How to Download
  • Install Python with Diff IDEs
  • Features of Python
  • Limitation of Python
  • Python Applications
  • Creating Your First Python Program
  • Using Command Prompt and GUI or IDE
  • Execute the Script
  • Learn Python Main Function
  • Python Comments


Variables in Python


  • What is Variable?
  • How to declare and use a variable
  • Re-declare a Variable
  • Concatenate Variables
  • Local & Global Variables
  • Delete a variable
  • Python Keywords
  • Python Identifiers
  • Python Literals


Python Operators and Operands


  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • Python Assignment Operators
  • Logical Operators or Bitwise Operators
  • Membership Operators
  • Identity Operators
  • Operator precedence


Python Conditional Statements


  • How to use “if condition” in conditional structures
  • What happen when “if condition” does not meet
  • How to use “else condition”
  • When “else condition” does not work
  • How to use “elif” condition
  • How to execute conditional statement with minimal code
  • Nested IF Statement


Python LOOPS


  • How to use “While Loop”
  • How to use “For Loop”
  • How to use For Loop for set of other things besides numbers
  • Break statements in For Loop
  • Continue statement in For Loop
  • Enumerate function for For Loop
  • Practical Example
  • How to use for loop to repeat the same statement over and again
  • Break, continue statements


Learning Python Strings


  • Accessing Values in Strings
  • Various String Operators
  • Some more examples
  • Python String replace() Method
  • Changing upper and lower case strings
  • Using “join” function for the string
  • Reversing String
  • Split Strings


Advanced Python

Python Lists


  • Lists are mutable
  • Getting to Lists
  • Traversing a list
  • List operations
  • List slices
  • List methods
  • Map, filter and reduce
  • Deleting elements
  • Lists and strings


Python TUPLE


  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Comparing tuples
  • Using tuples as keys in dictionaries
  • Deleting Tuples
  • Slicing of Tuple
  • Built-in functions with Tuple
  • Advantages of tuple over list


Python Dictionary Methods


  • Python Dictionary Methods
  • Copying dictionary
  • Updating Dictionary
  • Delete Keys from the dictionary
  • Dictionary items() Method
  • Sorting the Dictionary
  • Python Dictionary in-built Functions
  • Dictionary len() Method
  • Variable Types
  • Python List cmp() Method
  • Dictionary Str(dict)


Python Functions


  • How to define and call a function in Python
  • Significance of Indentation (Space) in Python
  • How Function Return Value?
  • Arguments in Functions


Python Date & Time


  • How to Use Date & Date Time Class
  • How to Format Time Output
  • How to use Timedelta Objects
  • Calendar in Python


Reading and Writing Files


  • How to create a Text File
  • How to Append Data to a File
  • How to Read a File


Python OS Module


  • Shell Script Commands
  • Various OS operations in Python
  • Python File System Shell Methods


Python Exception Handling


  • Chain of importance Of Exception
  • Exception Handling


Python Class & Objects


  • Basic concept of Object and Classes
  • How to define Python classes
  • Python Namespace
  • How Inheritance works
  • Python Multiple Inheritance
  • Operator Overloading


Python Regular Expressions


  • Regular Expression Syntax
  • Example of w+ and ^ Expression
  • Example of \s expression in re.split function
  • Using regular expression methods
  • Finding Pattern in Text (
  • Using re.findall for text
  • Python Flags


Python XML Parser


  • How to Parse XML
  • How to Create XML Node
  • Python vs JAVA




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