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Educonverge provides best SAS Clinical course, We offers online SAS training that is designed to train students in applying SAS programming skills to clinical trials. The SAS Clinical training imparts the knowledge and skills required to ensure that clinical data is maintained as per prescribed standards so as to support strategic analysis. This course offers expertise in:

  • Clinical trials methodologies
  • Acquiring, managing and modifying clinical trials data
  • Performing statistical analysis and macro programming
  • Reporting results of the clinical trials
  • Confirming clinical trial data reports
  • Creating clinical trials graphs
  • Analyzing safety and diagnostic data

The SAS Clinical certification and training course is apt for Bioinformatics and Life-science graduates.

There are 3 modules in SAS Clinical training, each with duration of 24 hours. Students have the option to attend the complete course or enroll in module-wise training sessions.

Module I: Clinical Trials a Practical Guide to Design, Analysis, and Reporting

  • Fundamentals of Trial Design
  • Alternative Trial Designs
  • Basics of Statistical Analysis
  • Special Trial Issues in Data Analysis
  • Reporting of Trials

Module II: SAS Programming in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Environment and Guiding Principles
  • Preparing and Classifying Clinical
  • Importing Data
  • Transforming Data and Creating Analysis
  • Creating Tables and Listings
  • Creating Clinical Trial Graphs
  • Performing Common Analyses and Obtaining
  • Exporting Data
  • Exporting Data: The Future of SAS Programming in Clinical Trials
  • The Future Resources

Module III: Analysis of Clinical Trials Using SAS

  • Analysis of Stratified Data
  • Multiple Comparisons and Multiple Endpoints
  • Analysis of Safety and Diagnostic Data
  • Interim Data Monitoring
  • Analysis of Incomplete Data




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