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Tableau Course Details

Educonverge provides the best live online training for Tableau Course In Delhi NCR. It is the course that can be learnt right from the beginner to the intermediate and advanced level. We provide additional sessions on SQL as it improves the performance of Tableau. Hiring companies also expect that a candidate should have basic understanding of SQL. Thus Tableau + SQL is a demanding combination. Tableau training is very important to get a better job opportunity based on certification.

Course Objectives

  • Build expertise in building charts and data visualizations
  • Formulate complex calculations to organize and manipulate data
  • Using statistical techniques to present data
  • Using parameters to control the input and regulate the outputs
  • To excel in the short cut methods that can improve the efficiency
  • Understanding the Tableau sever and know to share the results in a timely fashion
  • Learn using and executing the Dashboards for data visualization
  • To handle the Tableau interface for attaining regularized handling for various tasks

Who should go for this course?

Educonverge is the one Tableau training institute in Delhi NCR with best online support. Tabaleu is not any complex programming software needed immense language programming ideas and skill, instead it needs the immense interest and purpose to manage the data in a proper way. To learn the course at any Tableau training institute in Delhi NCR any of the below can attend:

  • Non-IT Professionals
  • Developers
  • Non-BI Professionals
  • Data Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Job seekers
  • Graduates

Why learn Tableau?

The easy to use tableau enables even the non-IT employee to execute vital data related tasks to happen with ease. Without the need to understand the too deep technicalities such as SQL server etc, one can easily work through the analytical part of data to get a desired output. Dashboard creation for certain set of data can be learnt through this software. The software implementation is cake walk for many, with a very least amount of time to be spent upon the outputs.

What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

For pursing the tableau course, one need not to be too much sound enough about the software and programming skills. A basic knowledge of Data is enough to have a fundamental idea of managing the data and implementation in practical ways. Having a preliminary idea about making use of excel or the work sheets can help understanding the whole schema of tableau.

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-> Introduction and Getting Started 1
What Is Tableau software and its history
Tableau Products and Uses.
Tabeau Flow.
Application terminology
View terminology
Data terminology
Visual cues for fields
Different Types of extension in Tableau and how to use them.
-> Best Practices in Connecting to Data 2
Working with meta data
What happens when the data source changes?
Overview of other connection options
Difference betwween Live and extract data connection
Types of joins and use of them in Tableau
Normal Joins
Complex Joins
Cross Database joins.
Data Blending.
What data interpreter.
-> Working with Data 3
Filtering your data
Building groups
Building hierarchies and folders.
Combined sets
In and out sets
How to make Parameter and use with filter, Sets and calculation.
→ Building Custom Calculations 4
Overview of calculations and the calculation engine
Manipulating strings and date calculations
Calculations and aggregations
Logic statements
Grand totals, sub-totals and changing aggregation
Creating quick table calculations
-> Introduction to Parameters Statistical Visual Analysis 5
Reference lines/bands/distributions
Trend modeling and forecasting
-> Building Visualizations 6
Combo Charts (bar and line or mixed mark)
Highlight table
Bins, histograms, calculated bins
Tree maps
Motion charts
Working with shapes and marks
Custom Charts.
-> Working with Parameters Advanced Mapping 7
Automatic geocoding of data
Built-in geocoding
Custom geocoding
Path mapping of point to point distribution
Using background images for spatial analysis
-> Building Advanced Visualizations 8
Comparing measures towards a goal or benchmark
Bar in bar
Bullet graph
Top or bottom N
Nested top N
Distributions of data
Box and whisker plot
Pareto analysis
Programme management (Gantt chart)
Market segmentation (Market basket analysis)
Additional visualizations
-> Building Dashboards 9
Overview of dashboards
Building your first dashboard
Use of filter in Dashboard.
-> Making Applications Interactive by Using Actions 10
What is an action?
Options for running actions
Highlight actions
Filter actions
URL actions
-> Options for Sharing Work 11
Tableau Packaged Workbooks
Publishing to Tableau Server (Web)
Publishing to Tableau Reader
Publishing to Tableau Public
Publishing to PDF
Exporting to an image file
Exporting the data only
-> Installing and Configuring Tableau Server 12
Single Server installation
Single Server configuration
-> Tableau Server Administration 13
Content administration
User and group administration
Data Server administration
Site administration
-> Security and Permissions in Tableau Server 14
License level
User rights
Permissions precedence
-> Working with Data 15
Task scheduling and extracts
Embedding URLs
-> Command Line Tools Basic Administration & Configuration 16
-> Process Flows 17
Create a visualization in Tableau Desktop
Publish a visualization to Tableau Server
View a visualization in Tableau Server
Schedule an extract refresh
Publish an extract or data source
Add a user in Tableau Server
->Single Server Installation 18
Minimum requirements
Resolutions for common installation issues
Performing the installation
Managing product keys
Initial configuration
->Tableau Server Administration 19
Content administration
Site administration
User administration
Group administration
->Tableau Server Security Model 20
Authorization and permissions
->SQL Functions 4
Numeric Functions
Character Functions
Conversion Functions
Date Functions
Aggregate Functions
 Convenient Aggregate Functions
Statistical Aggregate Functions
Group By and Having Clauses
Top n Clause
Set Operators
Inner Join
Equi Join
Natural Join
Non-Equi Join
Self Join
Outer Join
Left Outer Join
Right Outer Join
Full Outer Join
Cross Join
->Sub Queries
Single Row Sub Queries
Multi Row Sub Queries
Purpose of Views
Creating, Altering and Dropping Indexes
Simple and Complex Views
->Stored Procedures
Creating, Altering and Dropping


List of Companies

  • Arvato Bertelsmann
  • Unitedhealth Group
  • Fidelity Investments Pvt Ltd
  • Exl ( i ) Pvt Ltd
  • Wunderman India Pvt Ltd
  • Rbs The Royal Bank Of Scotland
  • British telecom
  • Aon Hewitt Pvt Ltd(OPTUM)
  • Xerox India Ltd
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Concentrix Daksh Services India Pvt. Ltd
  • Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd.
  • Global Logic
  • Ericsson Global Services India Pvt Ltd
  • Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
  • Mercer Pvt Ltd
  • Liquidhub India Pvt Ltd
  • Kie Square Consulting(Consultant)
  • iTechnogroup Systems , Inc.
  • Accenture Pvt Ltd
  • DRG Analytics and Insights
  • HCL Technologies Ltd
  • American Express
  • Toluna India Pvt Ltd
  • Ameriprise India Pvt Ltd
  • Axovel Software Pvt Ltd
  • Csdc India technologies pvt limited
  • Dell International Services India Pvt Ltd
  • Creditas Solution Pvt Ltd
  • iTGS
  • Alight Solutions
  • Conduent
  • Bsa Citi Couriers Pvt. Ltd.
  • One97 Communications Ltd
  • Authbridge Research Services
  • NS Matrix Pvt. Ltd.
  • Cloud Systems
  • Optum global solutions
  • Jones Lang Lasalle Property Consultants India Pvt Ltd
  • Vaco binary semantics llp
  • Aerial Telecom Pvt Solutions
  • Sapient Corporation Pvt Ltd
  • BA Continuum Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Damco Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Applect Learning Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Genpact
  • Barclay
  • Annalect – Omnicom Group
  • Evalueserve Pvt Ltd
  • NTT DATA services pvt. ltd.
  • Binary Talk Software Ltd
  • P & S Market Research
  • B3 intelligence
  • Aegis limited
  • Mirik Health Foods Pvt Ltd
  • Sun Life Financial
  • citibank
  • Amazon Seller Services Pvt. Ltd
  • Fiserv
  • Tech Mahindra Ltd
  • Liquidhub India Pvt Ltd(Only Tableau)
  • Ibm India Pvt Ltd
  • Binary Semantics Ltd
  • Google India Pvt Ltd
  • Infected Monk & Company
  • Promien Consultancy Services ( P ) Ltd.(Consultant)
  • Zones Inc
  • Apollo Munich Health Insurance Co Ltd
  • Niit Technologies Ltd
  • xceedance pvt ltd
  • Eli Research India Pvt Ltd
  • Zs Associates India Pvt Ltd
  • Virtual Employee Pvt Ltd
  • KPMG
  • PWC
  • Deloitte
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Smart Analyst India Pvt. Ltd
  • Wipro


Application Fees INR 0
Total Program Fees INR 25,000
The Program Fees can also be paid in installments
Registration  Fees INR5000
First installment of the Program Fees

(Needs to be Paid Before the Batch Start Date)

INR 10,000
Second installment of the Program Fees

(Needs To Be Paid in the 6th Class)

INR 10,000
10% Early Bird Discount

10%  Extra discount on Lumpsum Payment



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